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Welcome To Brothers Junior Rugby League Club

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Information for the Brothers Rugby League 2024 Season.

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2024 team information and draws are now available using the link below.



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Please visit our partner Sinalli to purchase brothers apparel. Use Code Bros

Strength in unity

Brothers Junior Rugby League Club is a non-denominational Club, with players registering from throughout the local area and community, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds.

The Brothers Club is not only large, but it is also very competitive in all age divisions; with sides entered in First Division in every age group in season 2021.  

However, the Club has not lost sight that in junior sport, all ability levels need to be catered for, and it is part of our stated philosophy that one of the Club’s main aims is for its juniors, both male and female, to enjoy their sport – at the level at which they participate.

Useful club information

Henry Sports Circle

Our PRINCIPAL Partner - the henry sports club

Brothers are proud to acknowledge The Henry as our Principal Partner.

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